Our Journey

NOTE: This page was written in 1998!

We are Mick & Jenny Daly — “The Dalys”. In 1987 we left England for a two year assignment in Dallas, Texas, with IBM, Mick’s employer of 19 years. Three years later we decided to make this great country our permanent home.

We’ve often been asked why we left “this green and pleasant land” for Texas (pleasant but not all that green!). The weather has a lot to do with it, and the other reasons have all to do with that elusive concept: “freedom”.

Back in 1990 Mick was in middle management with IBM, successful but dissatisfied. Jenny was an ex-teacher and full-time mother, who saw our sons heading off to college, and wondered “what next?”. 

So we started a home-based business part-time, and the following year we realized the first of our goals: Mick left the corporate world behind to work our business full-time. 

Mt. Daly, Snowmass, ColoradoIn late 1997, after 11 happy years in Texas, we sold our home to realize a life-long dream, by taking our business “on the road” as full-time RVers. We happily converted from Homepreneurs to RVpreneurs!

Four years later another dream was realized: we built our dream log home in the Rocky Mountains. We know God is everywhere, but we really feel close to Him up here, where we can fully enjoy the grandeur and beauty of His creation. Now we are back to being Homepreneurs.

We are, above all, Christians and so grateful for all the blessings God has given us in this life and for eternity. We wish the same for you – especially His gift of Salvation.

On August 4th 2002 we were baptized in the Frying Pan River by our pastors, with many church members and Ben, Jennifer and baby Owen in attendance. What a day, what an experience – we thank God every day!

Since then our family has grown and grown: we now have 7 wonderful grandchildren who live very close to our new home in Eagle, Colorado (near Vail), which our super sons built for us in 2008/2009.