Our 5th Wheel

Before we pulled the trigger (it took years!) we weighed the pros and cons: To RV or NOT too RV.

Once we were committed, our decision to buy a brand new 5th wheel followed extensive research, but this was theoretical only … we did not go on the road in a rented or borrowed rig. We would advise others to do this because you may not be as fortunate as we were. We finally decided on a 5th Wheel — Hitchhiker Discovery by NU-WA — towed by a Dodge Ram.

We have no regrets, would change not one thing about our rig, except the color of the truck — white would have been nice to match our 5th Wheel, but we were in a hurry and had to go to Oklahoma from Texas to find the fully equipped Dodge Ram 2500 V10 (gas), Quad cab, long-bed with heavy duty suspension. Gas vs. diesel is like 5th Wheel vs. Motorhome: a very personal choice.

That V10 engine is a monster and pulls the steepest mountains with relative ease; we’ve never been below 35 mph even going over Vail pass and other high points in the Rockies and elsewhere. The price we pay is 7-9 mpg towing and 12-15 mpg solo … it’s a thirsty monster! But we knew that from our research.

We chose a 5th Wheel instead of a motorhome because inside, the Hitchhiker has more of a “homey” feel, and with 3 slide-outs it’s very spacious. We just didn’t want to see the “cab” of the motorhome, reminding us we are in a vehicle whenever we are inside. The bay windows at the back are a real boon, when we have a nice view that is, which is not always the case!

As you can see from this floor plan, we have a spacious and well-equipped home.

These are very personal decisions … just do your research, try out several (unlike us!) and then “live” with your decision. It’s not the only factor that will influence how successful your RVing life will be, but it is a major one. After more than 3 years in our rig, we wouldn’t change one thing!

Below are pictures to give you an idea of our home on wheels. We live very comfortably and with 3 slide-outs, and it’s really quite spacious for the two of us.

Your choice of RV may be very different from ours, but please do your research, and if possible try out several before you make your final choice.

Now you know about our 5th Wheel, check out our experience living and driving it in my Journal.

Happy Trails!