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Our Virtual Franchise



Like any business, it takes hard work to build a successful Virtual Franchise - it's definitely not a get rich quick scheme. The amount of time and effort you're prepared to put into the business will determine what you get out of it. This has been our sole source of income since 1991; it's proven to be very lucrative for us, and we have been able to help many people making thousands of dollars a month and many more make hundreds of dollars a month. What a blessing for everyone!

We've represented this 40-year-old company for 20 really good years. Mick was introduced to the business by his boss in IBM, just when they were shipping us back to the UK after a "temporary" assignment in Dallas, Texas. Mick was a "techy" with no experience in sales, and Jenny was a former teacher and stay-at-home mother.

This business enabled Mick to "escape" the corporate world, and allowed us to live in this great country for over 20 years. It has given us the freedom to travel the U.S. for 4 years in an RV, to build and live in two dream homes in the Rocky mountains - dreams achieved tend to grow into bigger ones), to own a place on the beach in Belize, and, most important of all, to live within minutes of our sons, their wives and their children (our 5 grandchildren).

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