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[Our RV]

Not to RV?

There are many considerations involved in deciding to become serious RVers: whether full-time or leisure-time. The main thing to realize is that the RV lifestyle involves trade-offs. These are unique to each of us, so some that we have experienced may not apply to you, but we hope you find our list useful. Some of these we were well aware of before we started, others came as a surprise ... mostly pleasant!



Fewer Responsibilities
Lower Cost of Living
Freedom to:
... see the beauty of the land
... enjoy constantly changing views
... slow down
... smell the roses
... stop when we want
... stay as long as we wish
... move on when we choose
Simplified Life:
... getting rid of "stuff"
... always the "perfect" climate
... outdoor grilling is the best
... 1 step from kitchen to den,
... 2 steps from den to office
... 2 more from kitchen to bedroom
... quick and simple to clean
... no grass to mow
... no trees to prune
... no house to paint
... no suitcases to pack
... no unwelcome guests to stay
... fewer windows to clean
New friends and neighbors


Major "downsizing"
Moving out = a major project
Complications & Limitations:
... mail once per week
... only one car
... rotten gas mileage (7 mpg!)
... manoevering the RV (at first)
... "dumping" when no full hookup
... no church membership
... no soccer
... less privacy
... lack of storage space
... noisy air conditioning
... limited cooking appliances
... no washer/drier
... no kingsize bed
... no permanent phone or fax
... no piano
... no hi-fi system
... no pool
... no garage
... no dog (our choice)
... no guests to stay
... no window cleaner
... old friends/neighbors missed

Our Fifth Wheel

Take a look at the inside of our 5th Wheel: it's pretty comfortable!

Keeping in Touch

Keeping in touch with the family and friends is important and you want to be able to hear from them, and call them often. Keeping in Touch will give you some ideas.

Whatever you decide, make it an educated decision. Do your homework, don't be put off by the negatives and understand that "freedom" is hard to put into words and even harder to put a price on. The freedom aspect alone more than outweighs the negatives for us.

Happy Trails!

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