Friends all around the world, we feel it's appropriate that you should all see this great example of the solidarity and support offered to America from all around the world, at this time of tragedy.

John and we share more than just a name and national roots (Daly and English), and we thank God for people like him at this time.

We ask you all, in your own way, to pray for all those involved, and for those in leadership responsible for the "consequences" of this tragedy.

God bless you,

Mick & Jenny

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From "John Daly" <>
To "Mick & Jenny Daly" <>
Subject Terrorism
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2001 180718 +0100

Dear M & J,

In light of the events unfolding in New York, Washington DC and Pittsburg we have felt moved to send our expression of utter horror.

We do not have a great many contacts in the US but have many happy memories of our visits and love the country and people.

Through your position please make it known to all you know, that ordinary British people feel sickened in their heart at the terrible events there to-day. For a country that has lived with terrorism for 30 years we understand perfectly the horror it instils. We hope and pray that the perpetrators of this unspeakable act are found and brought to justice.

Our bond is not of two governments but of two nations of ordinary people with a common sense of peace and justice.

God Bless America.

John Daly.