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God created our bodies and gave them the power to protect and heal from the inside. He also gave us fruits and vegetables to eat, and scientists are only now discovering the healing-enabling power of these plants. Ironically this discovery comes at a time in our history when we have turned away from this gift of God -- few people eat even the minimum 5 servings a day recommended by all health experts. Many of us have turned to vitamin pills to bridge the gap, but we are not sure that God created these pills, whereas he did create the real thing.

"It is whole food -- especially fruits and vegetables -- that packs the disease-preventing wallop. That's because they harbor a whole ratatouille of compounds that have never seen the inside of a vitamin bottle for the simple reason that scientists have not, until very recently, even known that they existed, let alone brewed them into pills. These compounds are called 'phytochemicals'."
Sharon Begley, Newsweek, 4/25/94

As the father of modern medicine,
Hippocrates said 2400 years ago:

"Let Food Be Your Medicine".

"Why is eating fruits and vegetables so important to good health? More than 150 studies have shown that people who eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day have significantly reduced risk of developing cancer than those who consumed fewer than two servings a day."
National Cancer Institut
e and Centers for Disease Control

"Cancer is a prominent killer of Americans -- second only to heart disease -- and responsible for more than a half million deaths yearly. The good news is that scientific validation for the protective power of food is accumulating. Empowering people to preserve their health through daily choices puts responsibility in their hands."
Jill E. Stansbury, N.D., Nutrition Science News, 8/99

To be really healthy we suggest you follow the
8 "P's" to good health:

Make your Health a Priority
Move towards a Plant-based diet
Pay attention to Portion sizes
Keep Physically active
Be Practical
Have a Plan
Keep a Positive attitude
Focus on Prevention